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Dirt Busta Heros fight against the cute bugs

Dirt Busta is the new ultimate and challenging arcade fun for everyone. Clean each levels floor by destroying the bugs, defeat them within the limit of 30 seconds. Throughout the game you'll meet various different kinds of enemies, avoid their shots, defeat them by adapting their strategy and master the race against the time.

Use different weapons with enormous power to sprint quicker through the levels and receive more points, coins, achievements and higher ranking as reward.

Although it starts out easy, the challenge becomes harder with the higher levels. Meet and defeat the enemy boss, who spits out dangerous bugs. Use transporters to reach different places, find your way by destroying walls. Unlock all levels !

Dirt Busta is:


Challenging , colorful and vivid arcade game

Great bug dodge and defeating adventure


A lot of funny puzzles and rewarding levels

lots of fun with cute bug enemies

for kids and adults

In Addition:

  1. frequent updates

  2. challenge your friends with gamecenter leaderboard and achievements

  3. Universal game playable on iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch

Get this funny and challenging adventure for free now.

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What the others say

"...Dirt Busta is full of bizarre Indie-ness and packs in a good variety of bugs to fend off..."

"...We found this game to one that the whole family could enjoy ..."

dirt busta free

dodge the bugs and sprint against the time

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Dirt Busta free is now available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch in the appstore.

get it right now !!

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game Graphics: Michael Wolthers